wine tasting

Peugeot's products for tasting spans a number of glassware collections, including the distinctive 'Les Impitoyables' family of glasses designed to emphasise the properties of your wine, enhance its qualities and identify even the smallest defects.

A special mention should go to the 'Taster' professional tasting glass which was specially designed to assist the rapid and accurate analysis of all the aromas in a wine.

So what exactly are the characteristics of a good wine tasting glass?

Above all, it must be completely clear to avoid altering the true colour of the wine and to allow its clarity and hues to be appreciated to the full.

The shape of the glass is strictly determined by the type of wine being tasted.

  • A tall, narrow bowl allows the most intense bouquets (red fruits, spices, berries, toated notes) to rise while isolating heavier molecules associated with less pleasant aromas (e.g. alcohol) towards the bottom.

  • A larger, more rounded bowl is better suited to wines with a fully developed, delicate nose (cooked and candied fruit, woodland aromas, musk and mushrooms).

  • Smaller rounded bowls are best reserved for wines with light fragrances (flowers, delicate spices, fresh fruit, herbs and mint).

  • Bowls with an undulating surface enable the action of swirling to break down a young wine, extracting, enhancing and separating its otherwise confused and concentrated aromas.