wine aroma analysis

The Peugeot wine key has revolutionised the tasting world by allowing tasters to accurately assess a wine's potential for ageing.

This section also presents a broad selection of decanters for different types of wine, from young to mature, along with aerators and filters for wines with sediment.

Different wines require different decanting times, ranging from 1 to 4 hours for the youngest red wines to only a few minutes before serving for more mature and delicate reds.

15 minutes to 1 hour is normally adequate for whites, depending on character. On top of this, different wines also require different decanters.

By their very nature, old wines are fragile, with fully developed aromas. For these, a decanter with a long, narrow neck and compact, slightly rounded base minimises contact with the air and preserves aroma along with nuances of colour.

This type of decanter is also ideal for white wines with subtle and volatile aromas.

A young wine is really still developing, and releases powerful aromas through the oxidation of components on opening. The ideal decanter for this type of wine has a broad base or is horizontal in shape (like duck type decanters) to encourage contact between the wine and the air.

As their name suggests, duck decanters have a distinctive 'duck' shape. Their tilted base allows a larger surface area to come into contact with the air and develop the wine's bouquet and aromas, and also presents the wine in an attractive manner and reduces the risk of drips on the table.

All Peugeot decanters are hand blown by master glass makers using traditional methods.