After years of excess, over-consumption and over- the top living, attitudes are changing radically today.

Luxury is now perceived as something that is unique, sustainable, and original: the greatest luxury to which we can aspire is a more human pace of life. Our relationship with food is changing too.

Taking the time to prepare food with love, and taking the time to relax and enjoy it with friends and family is seen as true luxury. And food that has been prepared with love needs to be presented with love too.

This philosophy is the driving force behind EGO and is clearly conveyed in the company's range of porcelain tableware that features clean, essential lines and raised central elements to hold cutlery.

Porcelain is a special type of ceramic material that contains kaolin and is fired at temperatures between 1300 and 1400°C. Porcelain was first produced by the Chinese around the 7th century. For centuries, its composition remained so much a mystery that it was known as white gold and was considered the ultimate luxury ceramic.

EGO's precious porcelain also contains bone china, which gives it translucence, whiteness and far greater strength. EGO's porcelain articles include various sizes of bowl, from small bowls for sauces and olives to larger ones for serving salads, soups and pasta. The multipurpose spoon and 'Icon' spoon form unique complements.