Dumpling cube

After inventing the Rice Cube, Ross Patten pulled another rabbit from his creative top hat: the Dumpling Cube. Bright red like its predecessor, the Dumpling Cube lets you quickly and easily create ravioli and dumplings with puff pastry or short pastry. For those who come home late from work, but who still want to use their creative side in the kitchen, the Dumpling Cube is the ideal solution: with a few steps you can create 4 dumplings at a time!

It's simple to use: just cut a square with the pastry cutter included in the box, place four bits of puff pastry over the open Dumpling Cube and fill with your favourite filling. Then just close the two sides of the Dumpling Cube, press slightly and the first four dumplings are ready. You can easily pull away the remaining dough on the edges of the dumpling and repeat the process until you have the desired number of dumplings. Then put them in the over and relax until your creation is cooked!

Children can have fun too, putting in the dough and filling in the moulds and preparing their own personal dumplings, thereby creating a healthy and tasty dish.

The Dumpling Cube is BPA-free, safe for use with food and can be easily washed in the dishwasher. Find out how easy it is, watch the video!