Carus Home Diffusor

With the Carus diffusor, you can add a sophisticated touch to your home. It consists of a glass base containing the scented fragrance and a coloured aluminium cover through which you can put the sticks. You can choose how many you want to put in - choosing the desired intensity of the scent.
The diffusor is available in nine colours and is made to last a lifetime.
It is designed so that it can be matched with the candle holder and become part of your personal collection.

The Carus selection comprises seven carefully created fragrances to provide a unique olfactory experience:

  • Cariflora, exotic and glamorous;
  • Estrella, feminine and glamorous;
  • Vivencia, gentle and tangy;
  • Cortesia, earthy & profound;
  • Mirada, spicy and sophisticated;
  • Amena, soft and floral;
  • Jovena, clean and bright.

A total of 21 sticks are provided with every Carus fragrance purchase guaranteeing an exceptional sensorial experience that can last at least six weeks. The diffusion sticks are all made of natural rattan: Carus advises its customers to change the sticks after a usage of two to three weeks because the natural product rattan stick tends to get plugged with dust and residues after evaporation.